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Lizzy en Levi lopen de kantjes ervan af (2016)


On two scales we analyzed and fulfilled social prejudices and stereotypes personally known to us in different social constructs or contexts. At first on a small personal scale, which mostly included the prejudgment of our academic surroundings (read; classmates, teachers), which we met in a playful and ironic way by creating an instagram on which we show ourselves doing absolutely nothing.


In the installation we presented we also included a larger socially aware narrative. We combined our 'instagram-aesthetic' (including all kinds of inside jokes) with general presumptions and symbols associated with the millennial-generations. Evoking the opinion people generally seem to have about the millennial-generation; superficiality.


It is an active installation, in which the artist(s) are permanently present and it includes a self-made remix of the youtube video 'KYLIE UP CLOSE: My 2016 Resolutions' and 'Christina Aguilera screaming', accompanied by random airhorns.


In collaboration with Lizzy van Megen.